Pizza Cone recipe

Hi, I am trying to work out the best dough formula to use when making Pizza cones? Is it more than just using a normal pizza base recipe? How would a semolina base work out? Any recipe ideas would be much appreciated.



What is a pizza cone? Is it like a pizza roll with an open top?

Yes it is. Think of an icecream cone, replaced by savoury ingredients. Unfortunately the recipe for a cone is not exactly the same as for normal pizza base as it has a slightly different functionality, and also a different cooking process. It sits within a ‘carousel’ and rotates through a customised pizza-cone oven.

I would imagine that the people that customize the cone carousel, and cone oven, could point you in the right direction.

That would seem the logic, but I have long given up on logic. This is why I am on this quest :smiley: