Pizza Consultant

We are a pretty high volume pizza place & I am trying to fine tune some of our training, practices and profits. I feel like we are at a point where a good consultant who we brought on site could be worth their weight in gold.

Do any of you have experiences with any pizza consultants you would recommend?

I have always recommended Big Dave Ostrander but I have not seen or heard of him lately.

You could try 888-Big Dave

Another IsJjohn Correll

George Mills

Please feel free to give me a call at 800-633-5137 (ext. 165) to discuss your specific needs. I have experience consulting with all aspects of the pizza industry. Right now I’m going to be out of the office on two consulting assignments, but I will be in the office on Tuesday, October 2, and then again on and after Thursday, October 11.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Sorry tom:
I knew you were tops in the pizza and other food production I did not know you consulted on all phases of pizza operations…

George Mills

Not a problem George. The one area that I don’t get into is operations and management, Big Dave is my “go to” man for those areas. We have teamed up where I did the formulation, processing and baking side and he did the operations side. That’s the beauty of this industry, we all work together.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Tom
Do you ever get over to the UK?

I used to get over there several times a year, but not for the past several years now.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Next time you are here, give me a shout

If you’re in the market for experienced consultants, our team currently offers consulting in every area of the pizza industry from food and labor cost analysis, delivery strategies, branding, menu development, marketing solutions (including social media), and many more game plans that we have used in the past to help with our success! Our pizzeria is currently featured on the cover of this month’s magazine where the article features SOME but not all of our secrets to success.

Please give us a call, I’m confident we can help!

AND YES, we travel!!

Chantale Ley

What’s your idea of high volume?

Every time I hear the words I volume it cracks me up, most people think 500k a year is high volume

When it’s not at all

@jokergerm Look on craigslist. There will be “high volume” pizza shops for sale doing upwards of 200k a year. Good for a little chuckle.


@David that’s exactly what I was talking about

I read those almost daily. “Very busy location” lots of foot traffic. Grosses over 250k a year and climbing daily asking price. A steal at 150k.

And I’m sure some poor sucker buys it and wastes there entire life savings on it

I consider true high volume to be 1M a year plus

Busy is 700k-1M

How nice for you.

^ hey man, not trying to be disrespectful. Just my opinion. Doesn’t make it right or wrong

PM me I would love to get paid, but often advise for FREE. High Volume? Ya I got that covered! I own 3 shops and should break 3.5mil this year combined.

^ me too. 2 shops close to 2.5 mil a year

To those offering help, this post originated nearly 2 years ago. I imagine that TexasRookie got his training, practices and profits fine tuned a bit by now.