Pizza cooking from oven to the customers

We have conveyor oven.
The question arise when one of the customers said the pizza is not cooked. It does look cooked to us. Oven temperature fine 250 at 8 min belt.

Cheese was propely melted.
But we were so confuse how its not cooked. They even not had little bite.

Is that 250 celsius or fahrenheit? Take a slice from a cooked pizza, while it’s still hot flip the slice upside down so that the bottom is facing you, with your hands rip the slice in half (don’t burn yourself), if the crust rips nicely it’s cooked well, if you see a gummy web when ripping the slice it could have gone longer. If the pizza looks done but is undercooked you should look into your finger placements and experiment with your cook time and temperature. Temperature gives you color, time gives you cook

Without knowing anything about the pizza I can only take an educated S.W.A.G.
8-minute baking time at 250C is plenty of baking for most pizzas unless you are using the dough right out of the cooler, in that case it might not be.The color of the baking platform also comes into play here, is it dark, bright, seasoned, or not seasoned?
Remember, when troubleshooting pizza problems T.M.I. (too much information) is never a problem.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

what I find interesting in our 9 years of our small Pizza shop is that everyone has a different opinion of what a ‘cooked’ pizza should look like! I have some customers that want that edge LIGHT golden brown, and others that want it looking so dark its almost burnt. I find I can’t please everyone without them communicating to me how they like it done. [NOTE: we use a deck oven]

And then there’s the factor of what veggies are on a pizza vs a meat pizza. Our all veggie pizza may come out of the oven, cooked to perfection, but once its CUT all the moisture will soak up into the cut edges of crust softening it back up and people complain that they want it overcooked to prevent that. So, for take out, I offer to not cut it at all so they can take it home and cut it right away to preserve the crackery cutty crust that comes out of our oven.

I agree totally with what DoughDoc says.

So, properly cooked is one thing, but people have some strange ideas of what it means to them! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it :wink: