Pizza Cruise

Any idea when the pizza related information is going to be updated/released. The ports look great. The ship gets high marks in the online reviews. 7 Days in the sun, in the dead of winter, sounds like pure bliss. I just want to know what Pizza related things are going on, so I can justify booking this particular cruise.


Here are a few details that are comfirmed, but we are working on more, so stay tunes. The cruise ship has agreed to turn over their on-board pizzeria to us each morning. We have Tom Lehmann coming along and he will be conducting workshops and dough trouble shooting sessions, so bring your notepad and recipes. We also have Jim Fox (founder of Fox’s Pizza Den) who will be giving a workshop/Q&A sessions. We have a few social parties set for teh evening where everyone can get together for drinks and discuss what they are doing and share ideas. We are working on some pizza excursions at the ports of call where we will go to a local pizzeria and see how Carribbean Pizza is made. We have some other personalities we are working with to come along, but have to make sure if doesn’t conflict with some of their other scheduled events, so as soon as they are confirmed, we will be announcing that. Let me know ( if you have any additional questions.

a carribean cruise and pizza talk, what a great combo ! I wish I could go…
BTW i get to see Jim Fox every morning as he drives by my place. He lives in my delivery area. The one day i jokingly asked him to sign my copy of pmq with him on the cover.

I am located in the city of cape canaveral, same as port canaveral. I am willing to throw a party on the house the night before the cruise. kinda so every one can get to know each other. i am 5 minutes from all the hotels and cruise terminals. let me know if there are any takers.
Bill Graham

I look forward to attending this cruise.
Is there a date set yet ?



I just mentioned this to Steve Green and we both think this could be a very nice thing to do before the cruise. When you get a few minutes, give Steve a call at 662-234-5481 x123

By teh way, the dates have been set…7 Night Sailing: Departing 01-20-2007 From Port Canaveral, Florida

The website is and here is some of the information you will find there…

7 Night Sailing: Departing 01-20-2007
From Port Canaveral, Florida

Saturday Port Canaveral, FL — 4:00 PM
Sunday Nassau, Bahamas 8:30 AM 2:00 PM
Monday Fun Day at Sea — —
Tuesday St. Thomas 10:00 AM 8:00 PM
Wednesday St. Maarten 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Thursday Fun Day at Sea — —
Friday Fun Day at Sea — —
Saturday Port Canaveral, FL 7:00 AM

For Booking Information:
Sharon R. Viotto
Toll Free: 888.799.SHIP (7447)
265 Sunrise Hwy. Suite 1-321
Rockville Centre, NY 11570

Party at Billy’s!!!

Very generous Papa Vito. See ya soon!