Pizza Crust Burning

We just bought a pizza restaurant 6 months ago. We have 2 very old ovens and are having problems with the pizza getting a little to brown on the bottom before the top is done. Any suggestions??

Deck ovens? Conveyor ovens? Are you cooking on screens? If not give it a try.

Very old deck ovens.

Screens? We have them, but the employees tend not to use them since they are so busy. We will definately tell them that they must use them.

While on the subject - is it worth buying the conveyor ovens???

First off, I am by no means a pizza pro! I have been in the restaurant biz for 16 years though. I think that by putting a screen under the pie it could help the pie to not get such intense heat, and maybe keep it from burning. As far as switching to conveyors…I love mine, but other swear by their decks! Good luck!

Whats changed since the old owners? If they didn’t have problems like you are now, something has to be different or changed…

you can make a conveyour idiot proof…but the with deck you really need some experience because of hot spots and in your case you may need to check top elements

I am a deck user. I love my decks. We use screens. If we didn’t use screens every single pizza would burn on the bottom. We take it off the screen for a bout a minute at the end just to get that final cook.

I don’t think your ovens are the problem…use the screens.

It must have something to do with the process, temp etc… cuz over the years others have posted here and don’t use a screen but if we even thought about not using them they would burn.

We have a rule at our place if you have a pizza off the screen your hand stays on the oven handle or your gonna burn a pizza. (Not really, but they get the point)


Sometimes we can trace the need for a screen in a deck oven back to the dough formulation. Typically, a dough that is made with sugar will brown much more quickly, and intensly (burn) than one made without sugar. If you want to change over to baking right on the deck, and your formula contains sugar, make a dough without the sugar, and bake the pizzas right on the deck. For a deck oven, the temperature should be in the 500 to 525F range.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi guys:

May I suggest: When stating a problem with equipment it is best to list the make and model of the unit you are using. Various makes and types of equipment process the product differently and require different procedures for use.

Without knowing what type of unit you are using its difficult to make suggestions for solving problems.

George Mills