Pizza cutter... what do you use/prefer?

f) Other: _________________


I think you might get a better, and more useful response if you defined the type of pizza you have in mind. Or better yet, add another check box for thick or thin crust pizza. Wheel type cutters generally don’t do such a great job on thick crust pizzas as they tend to “plow” through the toppings.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I liked and always used a C style knife.

But I’ve had that exact one you showed in your picture with the little grip thing on the end and that particular knife is kinda crappy quality/flimsy. I gave it up after a couple days using it cause it was such junk.

A all the way

I’d love to try (d) but for now (e) works.

We currently use wheel-type cutters.

I worked at a pizza joint when I was younger that used a knife like you have at ©. I liked it; maybe I’ll get one like it and try it out.

Here is a helpful article helping to define the types of pizza cutters:

It basically is a breakdown between Pizza Cutter Wheels Vs. Pizza Knives Vs. Pizza Scissors

I was hpoing for the option of voting on both D & E, since I have used both and each has their specific negatives and positive attributes.

I have had cooks that couldn’t cut a pizza worth a darn with a wheel cutter, but they did great with the large curved blade, and vice versa.

The main thing??? Make it as idiot proof as you can!! I have had kitchen help destroy tools by using them for the wrong purpose.