Pizza Cutting Board

anybody have this or something like it getting school contract and want to make sure my staff can cut w/o waste

I talked to the inventor of this one at Pizza Expo. It seems he is charging about $40 to laser engrave the patterns into the cutting board.

Re: School Contracts

I prefer to mark the top of the pizza for the schools so the person cutting has a line to follow. With the lined cutting board we use for the buffet, sometimes the cuts can curve a bit* on the trip from one side of the pie to the other.

[size=2]*=That’s using a roller to cut and not a rocker knife.[/size]

Please P.M. me or contact me directly at and I’ll be glad to share other options with you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

The fine folks at Loyld’s have a neat cutter they call the “Equalizer”. Envision a nice rocker knife that automatically cuts each slice at the same time. They are available in most any slice configuration, and yes while they might seem a tad pricy, remember that it’s Loyld’s, it’s going to last forever and make your life easier!

We played with these at Tom’s “Pizza Camp” a few years ago when they just came out. It’s worth your look, and leaves near zero room for employee error!