Pizza day at Schools

I just wanted to get some feed back on who sells pizza slices to schools for a pizza day and what their experience is like.

I recently sent out letters to the schools in my area to do pizzas for the kids and I got one response so far. They asked about prices but before I reply I wanted to get an idea what would be an appropriate price per pizza to charge…I am in Canada so I am thinking $8-$10 per pizza…they can have cheese,pepperoni or Hawaiian. I believe the kids get charged $2 per slice so the profit goes to the school as a fundraiser.

I don’t usually do slices but I would cut a 14" into 8 slices.

Thanks in advance for the feedback

I have been doing this for a number of years (in Canada). I do a 14" cut in 8 slices (make sure the slices are even). The price to the school is $12 for any 14" pizza with up to 2 toppings. The school sells for $3 a slice. The schools use this as a fund raiser on meet the teacher night as well as parent/teacher nights. The parents like it because they don’t have to worry about feeding their kids before they head of to the school. The school loves it because they bring in lots of money for activities.

Just a note on location. I am located in Northern Alberta where everything costs more because it is an oil boom area.

Daddio- do you use a special cutting board to cut the slices…that may be one of the things I have to make sure I figure out bc right now our slices are a bit wild at times when we do 14" to 10 slices, 8 may not be as tough.

In addition do you split up your deliveries, I dont know with elementary kids if they are too concerned with how hot the pizza is since we can only make so much at a time with our two conveyor ovens, the school is a block away.

Its been a long while since we’ve done school pies…good biz, but challenging!

We used a cutting tool & cut 16" pies into 6, per contact requirement…if you free-hand cut, you may get some negative feedback…

We did 3 deliveries/day…

Watch for sticking screens…season often when needed…

We spun our dough, put 'em on screens, stored them in a non-heated proof box, the, later, sauced/cheese/bake

Good luck!

We do around 50,000 school pizzas a year. We use the equaslice. Just place the pizza on an unfolded box, slice, and fold the box up and around the pizza. Take a little practice but works well. We’ve tried every system and found this one to work the best. … tlist.html


It would obviously not be the same volume but have you also reached out to the local preschool/day care type facilities. I had my daughter in the Goddard School a few years back (thank the lord she is out now, the tuition was crazy. I called it little Harvard). At any rate they did Pizza Days 2-4 times per month. I know they used Dominos by default because I asked. They definitely bought hundreds of pies per year and none of the local indy’s went after it.

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So the school says they average around 45 larges per order, and the previously pizza chain delivered all pizzas at 11:10…lunch doesnt start till around 11:55.

So that tells me the pizza must have be sitting around for over an hour, which doesn’t seem right to me but it is what it is and I am sure the kids still enjoyed the pizza.

They have requested bags to put the all pizzas in to keep warm, which we don’t have enough of, but if it comes down to them wanting bags for us to make the order, then we will just go buy some.

Either way it is getting a lot more difficult then I anticipated for a school order…to add it’s on a Friday!

Not complaining but just wanted to give an update on where I am at, I am waiting to hear back if they would accept two separate deliveries rather than all at once:)

As far as the bag situation goes I have 4 of these bags that I have been using for almost 9 years. The price is good and so is the quality.

Wow that is a good price for these bags, I never knew they made bags to hold that many of pizzas at once.

How do you find they hold the temp of the pizzas for example over 30 Mins

I may have to get a few of these bags, only concern is the steam making the box a bit soggy but still if it keeps the pizza warm enough to serve after a period of 30-60 mins, I am sold

There are a few tricks to using these bags effectively. I use a good liner in each box (Perfect Crust is the brand I am using). I use a pizza stack in each box. Most important I leave the zippers open at the top of the bag about 3 inches. This allows the steam to escape from the bag.

I have had pizzas in the bag for as much as an hour and a half and still come out steaming. I had a health inspector check the temperature after 45 minutes at an event and approve the pizzas even though there was no heat source.

still steaming after that long is pretty good to me.

I haven’t used pizza stacks in ages, but could imagine with the weight of all the boxes on each other, it’s a must…any recommendation on where to buy those for us Canadians? In addition, do you use the perfect crust liner just for big orders? I’ll email the company for cost on those as I may use these for big events and school orders

Thanks Daddio

Perfect crust liners are available through Saputo in Canada. I use them in every pizza box that goes out. Most food service suppliers have pizza stacks,

I’ve used similar bags like Daddio, but ours have a rack in them that hold/separate 10 pies…

Pizza box stackers are always used…

We also have a heated disk system & put one in the bottom…

This is the core of the reply I got when communicating with the superintendent of the only school district nearby:

“…The thought is interesting, but we have regulations with our federal lunch program and our students on free and reduced lunch…”

So no-go for us :\