Pizza delivery going green... Need help!

My company cooks pizzas and delivers them elsewhere on the property for childrens birthday parties. We’re attempting to reduce our carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly. Currently, we cook pizzas, place them in boxes, deliver them to our birthday party rooms, and almost instantaneously, the pizzas are devoured and boxes thrown away. We are looking for some type of pizza delivery bag or device that is:

  1. portable
  2. has trays in it or holds multiple pizzas (without the boxes)
  3. can maintain the heat of the pizzas
  4. will remove the step of using and throwing away the boxes

Do you know of any products that may help?!


I know there are heated metal boxes for delivery. Cannot remember where I saw them advertised. You would need to use a paper bag for the pizzas at least. But you will also have to contend with steam making your pizzas soggy.

Let us know what you figure out.

Oh, and look at what Pizza Fusion is doing. That is their big thing.