Pizza development success: Mushroom 'deluxe'

I have successfully released my newest signature pizza creation. It is a soft release, and we’ll make more noise about it soon. We have crimini in house for this pie, and will be suggesting customers try them on any pizza when wanting My version of the “Fun Guy”

garlic butter base
chopped garlic
Sliced white mushroom
thick sliced crimini (1.5X white mushroom weight)
minced fresh rosemary and thyme (minced basil also very good)
goat cheese
VERY LIGHT mozz/prov blend
drizzle with EV olive oil out of the oven.

cut and serve.

It was a sort of unfinished flavor profile that came together with the rosemary/thyme and olive oil. This is a new addition to our white pizza line, and the new installment of adjusting people’s definition of what pizza is.

We have crimini in house for this pie, and will be suggesting customers try them on any pizza when wanting inspiration or “something new”. Nice enhancement to the cheesesteak as well. I actually get them for like 40 cents more per pound than white, so my cost isn’t much more for a pie using them . . . 4 cents for a 10” and about 10 cents for 16”. I’ll leave them as a regular topping for now (as introductory pricing) and consider “premium pricing” later if they get popular and/or more expensive due to waste and price increases.

Sounds good Nick. I’ve been playing with a white/common and “portabello” using a OO & fresh garlic base. I use a fresh mozz on top, have been using dried herbs dusted but like the idea of using fresh if we can move them fast enough.

I toyed with the portabello added to the mix. I may add those in as an upgrade next. It is simply a matter of moving product, like you mentioned. If this version gets some hits, I’ll take your bellas and jullienne them to add visual AND texture. Flavor rather mild. I’d really love to justifythe extravagance of chanterelles or porcinis for this pie. Especially porcini . . . but the expense is to much right now. On the development page, though. Final goal is 3 (or 4) mushroom varieties.

You fresh mozz idea has me thinking, too. Especially with a red sauce version.

Fresh herbs really make a difference. With my testing, dried just don’t have time to refresh and release their soluable flavors. Far more fragrance and resiny goodness with the fresh. BTW, basil is a great flavor profile with this if not have rosemary. Muli-task your fresh basil.