Pizza Dips

I just want to get some thoughts on how ppl handle pizza dips.

1)What flavors do you guys have to offer?

2)How much do you charge, or do you give them out free with every order?

  1. How big of influence do you think the flavor of your pizza dips have on customers ordering your pizza.

I am in a small community of about 10,000 ppl and the biggest competition we have is Pango, who give out dips for free as most of you know. We charge for ours and will always continue to charge customers, never had a complaint.

I have customers that always order dips and a huge bulk that don’t. So I started yesterday asking customers if they wanted dips with their order and I can say most said yes. So I concluded that most of my customers just were unaware (it is in our menus) that we had any or they didn’t think about ordering it.
Should I start asking everyone if they want dips with their order?


Garlic Butter
Hot Wing Sauce
Pizza Sauce

I don’t charge anything. I don’t coupon my pizza and look at this as a value added addition to my pizza.
I would average that about 75% of my customers take some sort of dipping sauces