Pizza Direct Mail for TT Members

Good afternoon TT - I wanted to post a thread about direct mail because we receive so many inquiries about it. Taradel now offers complete design, print, and mailing services for your pizza shop. We handle everything from design until your mailers are in the homes!

Here’s How Direct Mail Works - 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Target your mailing area by Zip Code (you can target “parts” of your zip code called “carrier routes” too!)
  2. Design - Our design team will custom design your new mailer (you will see a proof every step of the way)
  3. Once approved, we print your mailers and we put the mailing addresses on them
  4. We send your mailers to the US Post Office for mailing and fast delivery!

How Much Does Direct Mail Cost?

Jumbo Postcards 6x9 - $0.31 per home (includes everything, we do it all!)

Menu Mailers 11x17 Trifold - $0.39 per home (includes everything, we do it all!) … prod123-47

But Wait! There’s More! :lol:
Of course there is always a special deal for TT members…
Order 5,000 or more direct mail pieces
Receive 5,000 full-color Customer Loyalty Cards - absolutely free

Do you havea method and pricing for saturation mailing to rural routes that do not require addressing labels, but only a generic “potal customers” tag? I am interested in having a mailing house handle my pieces, but they all price for the labelling and sorting that simply isn’t necessary for my market. We have 4 rural routes, and no city routes. Far less work for the mailing house.

Hi NicksPizza - I can look into this for you. Please send me the Zip Code(s) and any other pertinent information on the routes for your area. I’ll see what I can do for you. Thanks in advance

now if you guys did perforated laminated magnet postcards…

Hi Chris,
I actually ordered my direct mail package from you guys about an hour ago, and then I logged on here and saw this! Can I still get the customer loyalty card freebie? I am really looking forward to seeing what this can do for my business!

Take care,

Patriot, who do you use for these? I’m trying to get a mailing in the works using these.