pizza dough and sauce

hey guys i need some help i need a pretty standard pizza dough recipe that i can make in the morning and have ready an hour later, also i have a good sauce that is thick and dark i was wondering if anyone had lighter good suace they would be willing to share,

thanks everyone,
local pizza shop that need a boost :frowning:

Tom or one of the Lords of Dough will have to chime in on a 60-minute dough recipe for certainty, but I did find this article in the PMQ Dough Information Center that can be accessed in the Culinary drop-down menu at top of this page.

As for sauce, my recipe can be quite flexible for your use:

2 #10 cans Sapporito Super Heavy Pizza Sauce w/ Basil (Stanislaus product)
2 #10 cans 7-11 Ground Pear Tomatoes (Stanislaus product)
9 lbs water (this includes the water for rinsing of the cans above)
1.10 oz granulated garlic powder
1.10 oz black pepper
1.10 oz dried oregano

I used pretty fresh, high grade herbs/spices, so you may need to adjust your spices up to get the profile you find pleasant. You can adjust the water up to about 10.5 or 11 lbs to get a looser sauce, but I’d adjust the spices up to about .2 oz apiece to make sure you don’t dilute that flavor. This is a lightly flavored sauce that highlights the sweet tomato character . . . the spices are accents.

Are you sure that you want a dough formula that you can use after only an hour? This really doesn’t make what I would call the best crust on the block. It works for an emergency dough, but for a standard dough? If you go to the RECIPE BANK you will find my emergency dough formula listed. As for a light sauce, try brushing the dough skin with garlic flavored olive oil, then apply three or four cut fresh basil leaves, and about 6 fresh oregano leaves, then apply a hand full of well drained tomato fillets, followed by your cheese, it doesn’t get to much better unless you substitute the tomato fillets with fresh, thin sliced tomato.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor