Pizza Dough Deflating

I am having trouble with the dough at the moment after rolling it out and leaving it at room temp. it deflates after 20 minutes,what is wrong with the recipe.

4800mls Water
180 gms sugar
140 gms salt
Put in bowl and whisk together
8000gms Flour
120 gms yeast Instant dried
Add to water and drizzle
400 mls Oil

Let ferment for 2 hours then we use it straight away

Any changes or advice would be helpful

what is the temperature of the water you’re using?

2 hrs is much to soon to use your dough, IMHO - CiCi’s used to have a standard of a minimum of 7 hrs…

I prefer 2 days…

If you haven’t any cooler space, I’d use more yeast, start earlier, and let it rise/punch it down several times b4 balling it up…

Water temp. is 20 degrees celsius.

that seems too cold for dough. Also, are you kneading the dough? kneading the dough works the gluten and helps with the rising of the dough.

Yes we are Kneading the dough for about 10 minutes in our spiral mixer.

there may be some things in your formulas that you could change for the better, but more importantly than that, is that your dough management has more changing variables than needed…the less the better.

look under PMQ recipes for dough formulas and check out the dough management procedures there…
it does not have to be identical to that, but a more structures way to eleminate inconsistencies will help,


I’m in Perth W.A.

Send me your email address and I will forward you our mix blend.

The previous owner of my shop used to make the dough up around 10am and work it at 3pm. They used to leave it in the mixer bowl and cover with a plastic sheet.

I found that on hot days or if it was a big (25 or 30kg) mix it would rise above the bowl and cascade down the sides on to the floor.

We now make ours up at night and put into 100lt tubs with lids (we get them from Bunnings) and let it sit in the coolroom until 3pm the next day when we roll out.

Since doing this we have no problem with our dough.

Keep reading this forum and asking questions because these yanks and canuks are a good bunch of guys (and girls) who are only too willing to help out.

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that method (bulk fermentation) is quite “old skool” and has fallen out of favor with most high volume shops…

making your dough & placing it in dough trays or sheet pans for use the next several days, is the preferred method, IMHO

your formula appears correct, but try rounding/portioning it for use the next day…