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[size=5]Hi ! thebuzman,
I am a Chef & own a restaurant and use GARLAND convection ovens; which I have been using for many years " The Best as far as I am concerned ! ! I am now installing a Comstock-Castle LP GAS Pizza Oven Model 2P031 . It will be vented out as so to aid in the smoke output for different types of pizzas being made . Yes ! I would vent out ( Forget that smoke filter !!! ) I have it in my restaurant and thats only good for Cig. Smoke ! Trust me !

[b][b]Pizza Dough ? I Need Pizza Dough Recepies ! For : N.Y. Pizza,Pan Pizza, Etc !
( Most of the pizza Places around here ; I beleive are Thin Crust , With the Exception of Pizza Hut ! ) I Dont Go to any Pizza Places Around here, they Stink; plus I have no time to go; owning a Resturant Myself.
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Check the recepie bank on this site for a good starting point for you dough. Good luck.