Pizza dough recipe

Hi folks
We are based in Scotland Uk
Currently use impinger conveyor pizza ovens
At the moment we use a ready mix dough
Mix it
Rise 30 mins
Ball it
Machine stretch
Pan in metal trays
Cold store
Pull it out 30 min before cooking

I’d like to use the same process as above
But I’d like a better dough recipe something with a little bite and stretch

Thanks in advance

Here’s a link the some of General Mills formulas. You can use them to start and tweak them if you want.

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Ive recently learned that if you are cold rising, which most places do. A three day rise gives you the best dough. Also throw in a miniscule amount of stone ground wheat flour which gives it more flavor. I would try for myself though

Here is Neapolitan pizza dough recipe:
Ingredients -
11lbs Italian Flour “00” (You can use Caputo 00 or Molini Pizzuti)
3.25 quarts of Water at 55 degrees Fahrenheit
½ oz of Fresh Yeast
5 oz of Salt

Procedure -
Add the water in the mixer.
Dissolve the yeast in the water.
Start the Dough Mixer.
Start adding the flour.
Make sure to add 80% of the flour in the first two minutes of mixing.
Add the salt
Mix for a total of 15-20 minutes.

You can learn more here-