pizza dough

I’m very new at this. Looking at opening a small pizza restaurant/bar & don’t have room for a walk in cooler. Does someone have a recipe for pizza dough made in the morning & use that night. And is this possible?

You can use just about any dough formula you find, just increase thr finished dough temperature to something in the 85 to 90F range by using flightly warmer wat6er than is called for. The dough, if left out of the cooler should be ready to use after about 2.5-hours. I think I might be tempted to open all of the dough balls up at this time and then place the dough skins onto wire screens in the cooler to effectively cool them down and cease fermentation, lightly oil the individual skins, and place up to ten skins on a cardboard circle and wrap in plastic wrap. Then, all you will need to do during the day to make a pizza, is to remove a pre-made pizza skin from the cooler, dock it well, and you should then be ready to dress and bake bake. It won’t have the best flavor, and it will suffer from some bubbling, but it will work for you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor