pizza dough

When I’m at my home in Florida and I make my dough the same way as I make it in CT, it doesn’t come out the same way. Is their adjustments to the measurements of ingredients to get the same dough as I make in CT.

thank you

Doug Caverly

Temperature may play a factor are you also using the same ingredients in both locations? The dough doctor would probably be the guy best to answer your question though just my two cents.

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The first thing to do is to make sure your CT dough is given in bakers percent that has been developed from an average of at least 3-portions if presently in a “recipe” format based on volumetric portions, and then make sure you are achieving the same finished dough temperature as you were in CT, and if you do any room temperature fermenting you need to make sure the room temperature is the same too, it’s called effective dough management.
Aside from that I’d need to know more specifically how the “same” dough formulation makes a different dough/finished crust when made at your home in Florida.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor