Pizza Equipment international??? Smells like Mr Brahmbal?

Some of you wont get this. Some of you will get it right away

But I think Marcus is back in the Bus. They are using the same pictures as Shimmmer did and now he calls him self Jeff Livingston

I would bet money this is marcus. Even the wording is the same, you can run and you can hide but you cant change who you are and how you type/talk/sound lol

Marcus never screwed me over and I got some good deals off him over the years but I sure know a lot of people who hate this man with a passion, and his name really wasn’t marcus, he stole that idenitey from some guy

Re: Pizza Equipment international??? Smells like Mr Brahmbal

For what it is worth…

I worked with “Marcus” and met his then partner Jeff Livingston, and his wife and other partner. I got burned badly in that whole deal, so did Jeff. I understood that Jeff got most of “Marcus’s” assets so that could explain. This was pre Shimmmmer. Still have a PESI oven. Jeff actually sent me some spare parts for the oven.

So I think it really is Jeff and my guess is the site is legit.