Pizza Expo 2024

Has anyone been to the Vegas pizza expo? Did you get any value from going and are the seminars they offer there worth attending?

I have been to around 6 of them (most of them as an owner).

It can be helpful for sure, if there are subjects you are interested in.
It’s good to browse and try new product.

If it’s your first time and have the budget, I say go and enjoy.

I am going to this years’ show in March. I definitely attending at least once. I have been 5 times in roughly 20 years. It is a massive show and I have found a lot of ideas that have helped us be more efficient or customer friendly etc. I always go with an well thought out agenda though. It easy to lose focus if you don’t have at least a couple of ideas about what you are looking to improve most in your restaurant. As for the seminars, they can definitely be helpful. There are a lot to choose from so again, review them and focus on what you need/want to learn the most. This year I am going with the intent of looking over all of the new POS systems. We need to make a change and it’s nice because there are so many POS vendors in the same place. I am considering some technology focused seminars to coincide with my POS focus. It’s a fun show. Go and have fun!

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I’d like to refer you to Speedline Solutions. We’ve been with them since 2013 and they are the best that we’ve ever dealt with, not just in POS, but as an overall corporation.

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The biggest value can come from taking a well-deserved vacation if you haven’t had one in a while!

It’s nice to be able to look at and compare big ticket items in action like dough equipment or PoS systems. The seminars are worth checking out and I often can pick up some great ideas from other operators during the Q&A sessions that come after the presentations.

If you go, do check out the pizza competitions with an eye towards signing up for one in the future. Even if you don’t win, it’s a great source of publicity and social media material!