Pizza expo in Vegas

Anyone from here going to pizza expo in march?

ABSOLUTELY! Reserved 6 weeks ago and am really looking forward to it!

Yes. I hear the show floor is sold out! I was actually trying to decide how I could go to both the Vegas show and the New York show but I just couldnt swing both. The deciding factor was I had the honor of being invited to the Pizza Expo by Pizza Today to participate in an operations panel discussion. My passion is helping others in this business with my real life experiances and this is a great stepping stone to that as I will also be meeting with them to talk about speaking opportunitys. Someday I hope to be able to go to all the shows but hey ya gotta start somewhere.

If we don’t give up by then maybe we can get some new ideas!

It’s either going to be a good learning experience or a much-needed vacation!

Vegas is a good show, all is there and the beer and bull sessions are good,
I am going back to NAPICS in Columbus, OH to the all day pizza seminar on 2/24,
went last year, good “experts” there and you can get some good one on one time with, especially good for a newby like me,
enjoy Vegas, I will miss getting to see ya’ll there this year,

Re: Pizza expo in Vegas Where to stay?

I Have only been to Vegas once and we were at the best western but I want to try something different. I am trying to chose between the Luxor or New York New York where would you suggest?

Re: Pizza expo in Vegas Where to stay?

We stayed at Luxor for our honeymoon 5 years ago and it was great. We chose NY this time because it’s less of a walk to the strip and a great casino. If you want to be closer to the action, I’d say NY.

Re: Pizza expo in Vegas Where to stay?

I was ay NYNY last year and it was a much younger crowd which I did not mind (alot of nice scenery) :wink: …last year it was march madness time and it was crazy
MGM was not bad either across the street…if I remember Luxor was off the strip but I am not sure

Re: Pizza expo in Vegas Where to stay?

Hi Wayne. They’re both fairly nice. They’re actually directly across the street from each other (across Tropicana), but because the hotels are all so huge, it’s about a 10-minute walk between the two. NYNY is closer to the rest of the Strip. Both are a shuttle or cab ride from the Convention Center.

If you do choose the Luxor, ask for a Tower Room. Same price, but newer and nicer.

Re: Pizza expo in Vegas Where to stay?

Thanks everyone NYNY it is!

have you ever been to the show and is it worth it for us to go . just wondering if we would lean something from it.

have you ever been to the show and is it worth it for us to go . just wondering if we would lean something from it.

Finally decided to go today looking foward to a break and maybe putting some faces to names

looking forward to the seminars and BS sessions and a some quiet time with the wife away from the hussle and bussle

lhope to see ya there

Yes I have been and it is more then worth it!!

can you tell us if we should go , we need a pick me up and some new ideas , if you can tell me some of the things we should be expecting from this show, thanks scott

Re: Pizza expo in Vegas/scott of cuginos

You should at least go and check it out. Never been there myself, but want to go. I have heard that everyone learns a little something different when there so why not give it a shot. Its a small amount of money if you will benefit from it or even get a few ideas! Why not take a little vacation, have a little fun and maybe increase your knowledge at the same time! Have fun if you do go!

Here is what you can expect from the show. There is every piece of equipment that you can imagine on the trade show floor there iare tons of semminars to teach you everything about marketing, dough, insurance, franchiseing, hireing, fireing, food costs,you name it you can learn from it. The best part for me was the Beer and Bull sessions where everyone sits around and we talk about a variety of issues bassicly what comes up it a big open group forum ask any question and get any number of responses and ideas. Hope to see ya there

is it all casual wear?

do they have alot of giveaways and drawings

never been to vegas want to see some of the sights
any thing free to see

Wear whatever you want dress down dress up it doesnt mater most dress casual. There are tons of givaways ans samples. See ya there!