Pizza Expo info hard to find on TT

Hey PMQ guys! Why not have an expo thread pinned to the top with some basic info like Where, When, etc. I just looked around the site and I can find plenty of discussion but very little information. Even the trade show link under the community area does not have information on this show! The shows listed there all occured LAST YEAR. Under Industry Info/Pizza Industry Events/Pizza Industry Exhibitions I see nothing called “Expo”. Is the nightclub and bar show in Vegas next week the same thing under a different name?

Please excuse me if I missed some obvious link or post with this info… then again, if it exists perhaps it is not as obvious as you think it is.

I think it is because the show is put on or sponsored by a competitor…

The TT is a pizza community meeting place. Including info about a national show is a service to the community. Not including it is just likely to make me look for another web resource to find the information.

Why give me a reason to leave the site?

Yes the Nightclub thing is another convention at the same week.

I agree just because it is not PMQ it is the biggest show out of all the shows yearly…although I recall hearing rumors the Steve Green was banned??? Also the gent who operates pizza marketplace dot com (didn’t want to supply think :twisted: ) was banned too???

Anyway should be a blast.

So… All this dialog and I still don’t know where or when it is exactly.

Pizza Expo is at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 13th to 15th with pre-show sessions on the 12th. Here[/url] is the Pizza Expo web page. [url=]Here is their Facebook Page.

Google am a wunnerful thang.