Pizza Expo trip is back on track

Air Canada workers have just given notice to walk out 12:01AM on Sunday. Hoping this blows before it happens. I really would hate to miss the networking and learning.

Re: Pizza Expo trip may not happen

And I thought it was because Homeland Security…aka “pizza drivers in their lower paying side jobs”… got that pic I sent of you and closed all 7 border crossings to the North. Now before you worry… I have preordered online PH, Doms, and PJ’s pizzas to be delivered starting from the border and although you will have to change cars… aka beaters… every 3-6 miles… I will get you to Vegas! Also… there is no luggage fee and if any of the drivers want to pat ya down… open the door and remember to jump out of the moving car and ROLL! So it’s all good! 8)

Thanks to the Federal Labour Minister I will see you all at Pizza Expo.

I knew you would not pass up the chance for a TSA special pat down! :shock: Make sure you tip him well. :smiley:

Now I have to cancel 1745 pizza orders…Richard do you realize the wear and tear you just put on 1745 vehicles! Canadians! :wink:

Glad to hear you will be there I almost thought I would have to tell Carmell I was giving you her flight and you were coming instead of her. :smiley:

I signed in because I literally have no idea what you guys are talking about