pizza expo

anyone else get the pizza expo cd’s this year…is it me or does this year seam to have a lot of dry speakers? I have sit through roughly 45 of the 100… and think only about 10 are worth it…but those 10 were pretty good

Can you buy those seminars on cd?

I was there but missed the classes…what do they cost…do you think they are worth the money ?

The seminars are all included in the price of the expo unless you take in the pre-show sessions which charge. The sessions that I attended where good but I heard rumblings of a few where people were walking out.

i agree with daddio it seemed like they were all trying to sell you there package but there were a few of them that were very insightful

Some of them reminded me of watching a late night infomercial where they give just enough information to make you want to know more. The next thing you know they are telling you to sign up for their $500 package to learn more.

I really admired Scott Anthony for being genuine and making everything he had to say free for the taking. I guess that is what his sesson was about. Be who you are and do the things you need to do for other people and you will be rewarded for it. I almost got the Pay It Forward feeling from his sesson.

I did not know that I could have attended the classes…I was only there for a day and half and there was so much to see. I had a great time and had the opportunity to meet some good people, My regret was that I wish I had been able to have another day or two.