pizza flour brand best in your opinion


I’ve been having consistency issues with the millers in Vietnam. I need to import pizza flour from Australia into Vietnam and without being able to try it first so i hope that people on this forum could give me some tips on which brand is best and what is the protein level. Any help would be most appreciated


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I’ll get back to you tomorrow with the conatct details for a flour mill in Perth, Western Australia.

We (and the vast majority of Pizza shops in WA) use their “Suberb” brand with the follwing characteristics - 11.0 gram per 100gm Protein level (11%), 1.2gm per 100gm Fat total ( 0.2gm per 100gm saturated), 70.9gm per 100gm Carbohydrate ( 0.1gm per 100gm sugar) and 2.0mg per 100gm sodium.

I used to use their more expensive brand that had a slightly higher protein level but the current one is just as good (maybe marginally better). Of course we top our mix up with our sour dough which I would be happy to email you the recipe which would give you a good tasting base and an uniquesness over your customers.

We currently pay AU$22 per 25kg bag (just gone up from $17.25 per bag due to the servere drought across Australia which has had an adverse affect on crops especially wheat).

As it would be exported from Australia I believe their would be a substantial saving on what we would pay. Don’t quote me on this but I believe there is excelent govt subsidies for manufacturers exporting goods out of Australia.

I think out of Perth would be a good trade route for you as there is constant shipping to Singapore and your region from here.

You can get flour from other states of Australia but I would tend to think that it may be more expensive than here in Perth due to the fact that the eastern states have had really bad seasons for 2 -3 years now and Western Australia has supplied around 75% of the nations wheat in this time. Our prices may be a bit better off than the east due to this.


I might be able to help you indirectly. If you direct your question to Tom Boyles he might be able to steer you to an operator in Australia that can tell you something about the flour that thay are using. Then you would be able to request a flour type by brand name and have a pretty good idea that it wil lwork as expected for you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


Further to my response last night, re flour from Perth Western Australia.

The miller is Allied Mills. The product is Superb Blend Flour 36360 and comes in 25kg bags.

Their head office is in Sydney on the east coast - Allied Mills, 2 Smith St Summer Hill, New Soth Wales, 2130, Australia. Their customer service number is 1300 369 869 (prefixed with the Australian area code). I don’t know if you can use this number on International dialing, but it is the only number for them in the directory.

Their Western Australian branch is at 111 Stirling Highway North Fremantle, Western Australia 6159 with the same phone number.

Hope this helps you find what you are looking for.



Thanks. I’ll definitely try to contact them today.