Pizza for Everyone! (?)

It seems everyone we know has a family member with some form of food sensitivity or allergy. It occurs to me that a pizza joint could have a menu with items for people with gluten, wheat, dairy and some other ingredients I’m not thinking of. It couldn’t have anything with nuts. A family could come in and order 4 individual pizzas, one w/o dairy, another w/o gluten, a whole wheat and a “real” one. Does anyone know any examples of this style menu?

I’m in a small college town and no place to get what I consider to be a decent pizza. The one place that sells by the slice stinks and the other that only sells whole pies is a mediocre franchise. Neither is within walking distance of the campus or main street.

Any thoughts?



We haven’t jumped onto the Gluten-Free band wagon as of yet, though it’s in consideration. We do keep a small amount of non-dairy cheese on hand though for a couple of friends who are lactose intolerant. It’s more of a “friend” thing than a marketing statement though.

Part of me wants to wait a bit more on the GF issue. I realize there are folks with severe allergies to gluten, but I can also remember not so many years ago when everyone was jumping all over the “low-carb” fad too. I still admit to grinning a bit and shaking my head as an order for a cheeseburger with bacon and the works comes back, side of our onion rings…and oh yeah, hold the bun.

…hold the bun…

2nd best memory- h.s.girlfriend orders lasagna, salad w/ranch dressing & diet coke!

Best memory - elementary school - chubby friend orders fries w/out catsup since he’s on a diet!!

But seriously, you make a good point. Who knows if gluten free will be around in 5 years? Perhaps we’ll find out how much people are attuned to (care about) celiac disease.