Pizza for the Homeless


There is nothing cool about the fact they are making a hero out of some coked up cop killer. The only cool thing about that story is that the sorry SOB is dead.

I wonder why these people had to wait until someone being executed requested pizza be sent to the homeless… why didn’t they decide to spend $1200 on pizza for the homeless last week, last month or last year?

All they wanted was the publicity. Otherwise they would have been helping the homeless already…

[sarcasm]But guys, if someone had only donated a pizza to him, he’d have dropped the drugs, gotten a job, and turned his life around. He’s just trying to give someone else the opportunity that was denied him. [/sarcasm]

Hide and watch. The lady who put the pizza on her credit card and “will figure out how to pay for it later” will be bailed out by someone for her “good deed”. Chances are, they’ll give her a hundred grand or so for doing her part…

We could take up a collection here in the Think Tank and uise PMQ as our central focus . … . talk about a marketing bonanza . . . . but I don’t have $1200 myself.