Pizza fundraiser

I’m the planning part of doing a pizza fundraiser…I am assuming a parbaked crust is the best choice for this…anyone have thoughts on it. Also, how do u wrap the pizzas?

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  1. Fundraisers require a lot of planning. I have been doing fundraisers for 3 years. This year we did over $1million in fundraisers.
  2. If your pizza’s have meat on them, you will be required to have the USDA inspections every day that you produce a pizza with meat.
  3. If you are packaging the meat (on the side), you will still need to contact the USDA for approval to do so.
  4. Parbaked crust is the best way to go.
  5. Your pizza’s should be shrink wrapped in a food grade shrink wrap.
  6. Freezing the pizza’s is the best way to do fundraisers.
  7. Test bake the pizza’s in at least 2 dozen different home ovens to get the correct baking instructions on your packaging.

1 mil! Not bad at all!

Fundraisers are tough to plan for. Some weeks we can do $70,000 and others may be $1,000. We do about 400 per year and it’s a part time job just scheduling and planning them. We use a frozen product to do fundraisers with so it can sit for up to three weeks in our giant freezer.

Your freezer must be the size of most pick/delivery stores!

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It’s 26’ X 12’. We can store about 8,000 boxes in it. Our freezer trailer that we use for transport holds up to 2,200 boxes.

That’s insane, if I ever venture towards Harrisburg, I’ll try to stop by!

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