Pizza Fusion - Healthy All the Way

Just found out about a place in Florida called “Pizza Fusion”. They are going all out with the healthy pizza stuff. Even so far as spending $100,000 on energy efficient delivery vehicles.

The food network did a show on an upstart in NYC I think that was doing something smiliar. The pizzas were even shaped similiar.

I’m sure this thread is a little outdated, but if you’re looking for a store to mimic, check out Hot Lips in the Portland, Oregon area. They are about as close as anyone to becoming fully sustainable.

I like the concept of Pizza Fusion, but based on everything I’ve read about them it seems like their approach to being organic is a little half-hearted and much more a marketing scheme.

Have yoU heard of ZPIZZA?

I have a pizza on my menu called the “Healthy Man’s” it is my favorite and has attracted quite a following of health councious people. I make it on a honey wheat crust, lite mozz, olive oil, roasted garlic, roma toms, spin, jerk chicken, japs and pineapples…

got great flavor and very nutritious!

I have been thinking about the same. So I was wondering that we can use pizza dough made of multi grain flour mixed with either olive oil to make the pizza base healthy and soft. The base should be thin crust with low calorie cheese and fresh toppings. Grass fed beef and good old farm chicken, turkey, ham and seafood pizzas.