Pizza Gods are Smiling on Me (for now !!!)

Everything seems to be going great at the moment.

Sales hit the second highest level ever falling just short of $13K for the week, $1000 up on last weeks sales.

Friday and Saturday were the highest ever recorded for those nights with both 10% up on the previous best. No special deals or advertising etc outside of what we do normally so nothing special to cause the spluge in sales. Last 3 weeks have been steadily increasing but this week went beserk.

To cap it off I had a job agency forward me 3 people for an assistant managers position (I promoted the assistant to manager after failing to attract any takers). The successfull one starts tomorrow and believe it or not she wants to work in the pizza industry.

Don’t know what I have done right but the pizza gods must be smiling on me at the moment. All I need is one more driver to come on board and then we are set. Two would be better then we could get rid of a real dropkick driver ( more dopey than Dopey from the seven dwarfs - I think “dope” comes into it a bit).

Glad I can stream some positives about getting staff for a change.

Now to enjoy some days off again. :wink:


Congratulations!!! Hopefully you didn’t jinx yourself by talking about it. :slight_smile:

Congrats, but why in the heck would you not stay open that extra half hour to achieve a record week? I can’t imagine stopping only $13 short.

My bad. I have edited the original. It should have read “just short of $13K” not $13.

We did stay open a bit extra hoping for those few late customers to take us even higher but no phone calls or people in the shop for over 30 minutes so we reluctantly shut shop.


Ahhh. Makes much more sense that way.

AWESOME…Holly Cannoli, Pizza God is with me too:)

can some of that rub off on me…we lost three drivers in one week!!!

I feel your pain. Been there and out of a team of only 6 drivers.


“Dopey” driver phoned in the afternoon to say he couldn’t make his shift tonight. He had sore knees. I asked how he did it and he said he crashed his Mum’s car real bad. Only a few weeks ago he hit a kerb and did the suspension in his own car. Now we are down a driver on Friday and Saturday nights.

“Dopey” is just too dopey to keep on and I will be lettig him go witha few words of wisdom about dope in his ear.

Well as they are saying with our super low 3% unemployment … all that is left are bottom feeders, and this guy fits the bill to a tee.