Pizza Guarantees

How many of you offer a pizza guarantee? Does it work?

I replace a pizza with no questions if we make a mistake or customer is displeased. I’d rather loose at most, $10 on a train wreck, than have an unhappy customer. They agreed to pay me money and I agreed to give them an exceptional pizza. If I cannot make the customer happy, we will refund the money. Giving back money is last tactic; I’d rather replace the food and throw in a freebie or enticement for their next visit. Yes, we have replaced a $30.00 (10.58 food cost) pizza with no questions asked . . . becasue crust was too done. No chance to resell that pizza, and we were glad to do it. Still made $8 on the transaction, and the customer was overjoyed that we did not hesitate a second to send a second one out to them with a driver even though they picked it up the 1st time. (they have made at least 6 more orders since that pizza . . . and referred someone else to us)

In cases of abuse or obvious scam, we are less enthusiastic, but will still likely replace the food once. We do ask for the remainder of whatever pizza so that we can deconstruct the problem and keep it from happening again.

It works for us.