Pizza ham options?

Curious what everyone does for ham topping for there pizzas. I had been getting a quartered ham product but the quality of it seems to have dropped significantly and we also keep getting like bags of it in that are rotten. It’s the only pre sliced and portioned pizza ham my supplier has though so I’m trying to figure out other options.

I used a Hormel 4x6 ham. We sliced and chopped to about 1" square

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I use Dearborn Pit Ham, we slice it ourself. When going on pizzas we just hand tear big slices. Customers love the flavor of it, great quality

This ham? What meat slicer do you use and how thick do you slice?

What meat slicer did you use and how thick did you slice your ham? I don’t currently have a slicer but it’s something I am currently considering

We used a Berkel 12” similar to this:

And this is the ham we used

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We use our slicer everyday.

We slice

4x6 Ham
Cooked Salami
Genoa Salami
Smoked Turkey
Roast Beef

If I wanted to I could slice
With my vegetable chute attachment

What should one look for when buying a slicer? Motor hp? Blade size? Auto cutter? What sets the garbage apart from the gold standard?

I have an old hobart slicer, we qrt the ham and slice super thin, i dont know the number off hand, not to thick, probably about the thickness of a business card

I actually bought a second slicer off i bought their larger one 10" blade. Im so disappointed with it i put it on the shelf and keep using my ancient hobart. Neither one is auto, i prefer to have control over slicing and stand right there. Go to the web above and check out theirs. I just dont like it as it seems a bit small for slicing the ham even when quartered

You shouldn’t be happy with that, a slicer like that is meant for home use only.

Its perceived for commercial use. So yeah not happy as i now have a $400 paper weight sitting around. It has great power with built in sharpener, just truly not meant for commercial use.

What slicer you use to cut vegetables and cheese and ham

We get a 3/8" or 3/16’’ (depends on the substitute) diced cube ham. Comes in a 10lb case, 2 5lb bags. I believe it’s a Hormel product. Nice coverage

We replaced our ancient Berkel slicer with this

I also bought the vegetable chute attachment

We hand cut veg, i have a pelican cheese grater attachment for my hobart, i pulled my monster hobart slicer back out of storage

We use a Berkel 180D to slice our cheese
we use a Hobart 1712 slicer which has the auto feature for ham and salami
we use Sugardale Country Inn whole boneless hams, once sliced cut in half or quarters $3-3.85 lb

We use boars head and slice it thin then cut it in squares

Which brand slicer you use