Pizza Holidays

I am slowly putting together an ops’ guide for our shop (if someone has one they would be willing to share I would appreciate it.) I wanted to put together a list of “Pizza Holidays” that the manager would put on the calendar every year to make sure he/she schedules correctly & does not get caught flat footed & understaffed on a day that orders will spike. (Can you tell what experience I recently had?) I have put some of the obvious ones here, but what am I missing? I figured with all the pizza experience in the tank we could put together a pretty extensive & all encompassing list.

Here are a few to start the list

  • Halloween
  • NFL Kickoff & Games
  • College Football Season
  • Three Day weekends (example Labor Day & Memorial Day)

Days the Business dies;

  • Christmas
  • Easter

I can only think of a couple:
-Wednesday before Thanksgiving
-New Years Eve
-Saturday before Easter
-Super Bowl
and that stupid random day in January.

Don’t forget, it depends on your market!!

If I closed the 4 days that Penelope says are slow, I’d lose about $13K in sales.

We’re “open” everyday of the year, regardless of the holiday.

I believe Penelope was saying that those were busy days.

Every friday during lent starting with ash wed. Black Friday.

Absolutely the night before Thanksgiving. Around here it is bigger than Super Bowl for sure! The ovens are all filled up, kitchen is already over loaded…everyone seems to order carry-out and I LOVE it.

We have got to be missing some days… Any other thoughts?

I’m pretty sure this one is unique to our situation, but we mark the Sunday before MLK, Jr.'s Birthday on our calendar. University students just got back from Winter Break, no school on Monday in observance of the holiday, and bars forced to close at Midnight on Sunday in Indiana equals the mother-of-all-drunk-rushes.

Don’t forget to add: SUPER BOWL SUNDAY.
Tom Lehmann/the Dough Doctor

Yes I was going for the busy days,
also need to add Novembers Election day and openning ceremonies for the Olympics, and the nights popular Olympic events are on.

It’s not so much a DAY, but a season . . . March Madness NCAA Basketball by the time you get to the Elite Eight, you get some party action if a local school is in the hunt. Same with college Football championship game.

Keep your local sports teams in mind. Around here USC’s big games – especially national championship games – are always extra busy. Laker’s playoffs are big.


The nights people come home after three or four day weekends.

Valentines day is big for us.

September 19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day!

I guess you won’t have to worry about getting that busy day as long as Kiffin is coaching there! :stuck_out_tongue: :shock:

I’m so pi$$ed that you beat me to posting that. Then again, I’m an Illinois fan so maybe I should just keep my mouth shut :oops:

The REAL USC is having a big game tomorrow, hosting #1 Alabama. We are bringing in extra people for that one. :smiley:

In addition to big days, you have to figure out your approach to traditionally slow days, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, Chrismas Eve (for us, that one varies). And for us the day after Thanksgiving is slow, although I know some others have a big day that day.
On slow days you have to choose to A) Run a killer promotion to bring people in, B) Staff at normal levels and get deep cleaning done, C) Staff at reduced levels and maybe modofied hours or D) Close.

You may be starting to see that many of these “BIG” days or “Slow” days vary from market to market. For example, our area has never had much buzz about pro football so the Super Bowl for us is not much more than a regular Sunday, some other shops say it is on of the biggest day of the year for them.


Ah, think that court case has already been decided – by the Supreme Court no less.

Rick how did things work out for you?..What an amazing effort by the “real” USC…

It was dead… I do not understand, we have had a good pop every game this year, and we actually sent people home in the second quarter today. We did not even get a pre-game rush for what was argueably the biggest game of the regular season for the local team. We got a little busy after it was over but not enough to make up for what we expected.
On the bright side I got to watch a great football game instead of cooking or delivering, but that don’t pay the bills. We were watching outside and did not see our competitors out on the road much either.

My only guess is the fans went into Columbia to watch the game and hang out in 5 points and the vista. We are only about 25 minutes from the campus. Either that or they were just to shocked to remember to eat. :smiley: