Pizza Hut actually names your menu items!

Just goes to show how advertising effect people and their perceptions.

People always order using Pizza Hut’s names for items - like “Meat Lovers” or “Veggie Lovers” or “Supreme”.

What is even funnier is we have had calzones for years - and people always ordered our “calzones”. Now that PH is doing their “P-Zone” again - people are now asking for “P-zones”. :slight_smile:

Sometimes you have to bite your tongue…

This is soooo true,I hate when these idiots come in and say…can I have a meatlovers pizza? I’m like,I don’t know what that is…whats in it?is it on my menu?Then they’re like oh no I get it at pizza hut.Then I steer them to MY menu,it just goes up my keester when they do that. :twisted:


We decided to put a meatlover pizza on the menu to entice the conversion of PHut customers to our side. Still don’t have a “supreme”, but we can get direction from customers on what they are expecting on it.

What’s worse is that my phone # is the same except for the last # as the local PH and often get their calls, so i also have to make sure they are coming to my shop to pick up their meat lovers pizza. Ours is called a Megameat though and people usually ask for it by name so when they say meat lovers i usually know i have one of their’s on the hook so i let them know they misdialed and try to convert them to real gourmet pizza.

We also offer a “Meatlover’s” unfortunately. Sells well though and it tastes pretty d**n good in moderation.

we have a meatlovers as well, When anyone suggest they want a meatlovers like PH I always tell them they have meatLIKERS not lovers and after they have ours they agree!

Our ‘meatlover’ is called Meat Magnifico and is one of the many gourmet pizzas we offer.

It’s pepperoni, ham, cappicola, bacon and sausage. I’ve never had it, too much for me, but we do sell a bunch of them.

Everytime I hear “Meat Magnifico” I think of the ESPN Strongest Man competitions and some big buffed muscle-head saying with a Austrian accent, “I am meat magnifico. I am the strongest man alive. No one can beat me.”

Yeahhh… I know… I’m on day 32 in a row… too much oven fumes.

Ahh, yes. Kleenex=tissue. It’s like that with everything. It shows the marketing strength of those who pioneer a product on a large scale. My biggest one is "and an order of Crazy Bread…drives me nuts!

Don’t you hate it when they order under a PH or Domino’s pizza name.

We get people asking for “supreme”, or “meatasarus” or some other crap like that.

Sometimes they get irritable when we say we don’t have that but we have this. “No, I want a supreme” thinking that every pizza outlet names their pizzas after one of the chains variants and that no-one else has their own variants / names.

Most of the time when they order a supreme we ask is that with seafood. If yes we do our “works” if not we give them our “special”. Most of the others we adapt to one of ours. We make sure they get our menu when they pick up or we deliver so then they can order to our named variants next time.