Pizza Hut announces closing of store!!

This is from today’s paper in our town: … steamboat/

Good news for us!

Hey, lucky you Steve.
Normally we cry about them opening near us but having one close you can now cry with joy :smiley:
Big operation the franchise that owned the store and an even bigger debt $33mil !!! and I shudder about my $200K loan :slight_smile:
Hope you get your fair share plus some of their custom.


I’d say I’m happily awaiting the same news for the poor excuse of a Hut in our little burg, but truthfully…they are near zero competition. They are trying to through any conceivable marketing trick at their problem over the last few months but luckily I suppose, don’t seem to understand that it’s simply lousy product and non-existent service that is killing them.

darn. 8)

Call the phone co. and see if it is possible to have their main number. Then add it to your lines. I still have people calling me about a closed store from last December.


Any idea what they were doing in sales? I know every store will be different, but I’d love to have an idea of the sales volume where they start to contemplate closing a store. I have a few smaller franchised stores here that must be struggling, but they’re still here. I’ve seen a couple of the small to mid size franchises fail here but I never had an idea of what they were doing in sales.