Pizza Hut losing sales in U.S. market

Good news for independents! … and all other pizza chains.

It’s the same in Australia
About 7 years ago they sold off a lot of stores on the busy east coast states and closed all New Zealand stores. Recently they re-opened stores in NZ and are doing everyday $4.95 Large pizzas. This smacks of desperation.
I guess they haven’t realised people just don’t like what they have on offer and have switched off in droves.

I got the same impression in Brazil. I saw a billboard for them on the highway also giving away pizza super cheap. I pointed out the sign excitedly and my cab driver advised me not to eat there because the pizza wasn’t good!

There is a food renaissance thats been happening for years now, people are learning that there are better foods to be had than what most chain places have to offer.
Look at all the unique pies that I see listed in this forum all the time, why buy cookie-cutter pizza when you can have something so much better, and support the independent too.

Not really… Pizza Hut is hurting, just like Wal Mart is hurting. Their core demographic is poorer than they were, and their numbers are increasing. The income gap is increasing every year. It’s all about the dollar - in Pizza Hut’s case, even billion dollar companies can’t give the store away without incurring losses. Their customers demand ‘free’ food. In Wal Mart’s case, when the government restricts income to the poor, their business suffers.

People with money can be picky, as in choosing and trying new concepts or better products - that has never changed.