Pizza Hut now delivering pasta. … 5409990001

Reminds me of when they got into the sub business a few years ago. Are any Pizza Huts still doing the subs?

Noodles are noodles… what makes a good pasta is the sauce. And I don’t think Pizza Hut has it. I can’t imagine this not tasting like Chef Boyardee.

That said, they’ll probably sell about a billion of them :roll:

To my teenage son, a can of “Chef Boyardee” is way better than a hot meal with rest of the family…But I insist he eat it out of sight because the site of it makes me ill…

When I worked for the Hut back in the early '90’s, we had the cavatelli pasta on the buffet. It was really bad. I wonder if it’s the same thing.

I haven’t eaten at PH since I left them in '94.

Cavatelli or Cavatini?

In our area, a good lot of our PH’s are owned by the NPC (national pizza commission) and their quality is quite sub-par.

Some of their newer restaurants, yes, restaurants, even serve you with paper plates!

The non-NPC franchises had great Cavatini…so I’m wondering if yours was an NPC company?