Pizza Hut P'zones, what do they put them in?

Wanted to know what Pizza Hut and you guys put your Calzones in for pick-up Deliveries?

I’ve always used styrofoam containers but they switched mine to a new brand and they are disfiguring from the heat.

Thanks all!

We use a pizza box of the appropriate size.

i would use a pizza box, but i cut them in half… the juices would leak all over the place. Mine at 12" long… do you cut yours?

Why cut? Keep it whole and also helps retain the heat inside for the trip home. All the places around here that sell calzones use the box also. Just get one that fits the calzone to help keep the costs down. I know a lot of places that just use their pizza box that is close in size…but the one that does it the best is one that uses a box that looks like a 14" pizza box cut in half. So you end up with a 14"x7" box or so. It looks good and saves on cardboard. :mrgreen:

interesting idea. i’m calling my reps right now to see if they have some type of smaller box for these calzones. Thanks! i’ll report back.