Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut[/URL] has negotiated a new renovation requirement with franchisees that aims to remodel or rebuild 10 percent of franchised stores annually, according to securities filings by the chain’s largest franchise operator, [URL=‘’]NPC International.

NPC said it expects to spend an average of $20 million annually to meet the requirements of the Asset Partner Plan. The company revealed that re-dos of dine-in sites would likely consist of replacing them with delivery- and takeout-only restaurants.

Wow, NPC owns 1250 Pizza Huts and will spend $20,000,000 annually to renovate 10% of them each year? WTF are they doing to these stores to spend $160,000 each to renovate?

Firing anyone that has any skills or intelligence and replacing them with yes people.

Then the other $150k will be for pocketing the money in kickbacks from the one construction company that won the no bid contract… do i sound cynical ? :smiley:

LMAO, that’s about how it works in many cases

Damn, we are squawking about a $12k price tag to freshen up the place.

In a couple years i will probably be spending about 40 to 50k, but i will be buying two new ovens and a new hood along with everything else … soo… yeah

Ya so far this year i have bought

Edge 60Wbs
3 door Turbo air dough cooler
2 door 48" salad make line
Mitsubishi Mini Split AC unit

All brand new, Around 50k so far in just equipment.

I got tired of limping old junk along, now when anything breaks I’m just buying new!