pizza hut

Does Pizza Hut slow cook their sauce or add dry seasonings to cans of sauce.? It appears to be darker in color as though it were slow cooked and it has a sweeter taste. Which is the preferred method?

I don’t know what happens to the sauce before it comes on the truck, but it is concentrate. all we do is add water and it’s done.

I think their sauce SUCKS.

It is the reason I have purchased maybe 1 pizza from them in 10 yrs.

I am amazed at their ability to sell so well with such a poor sauce. Its just flat out nasty.

My firs tthought is high fructose corn syrup. Adding a little sugar to your standard sauce will sweeten it up.

I have also recently read about tomato packing, and found out that higher temp processing of tomato sauce, especially made from puree, will yield a darker sauce. Fresh pack tomato processed at lower temps will have less sweetness (depending on ripeness of fruit to begin with, of course), brighter colors, and more essential tomato flavors.

I put 4.5 years in at the Hut back in the early '90s. Which by no coincedence was about the last time I had pizza from them. The sauce is not a good quality. But for them, it’s all about what they can stuff inside your crust.