Pizza Images


I am looking to update my website and include pictures of mouth watering pizzas that look more professional.

Just curious what sites you guys use. I know is nice and that’s what Taradel will use for our menus, but $99 for 5 images is a bit much. I don’t mind paying but at a reasonable amount.

Any good free sites as well?


I checked out a few sites,,

seems like has the best pricing at 5 images for $7.99
Not sure what the quality is like. Seems like a lot of these sites offer the same images

Ok I know this goes both ways around here but having built an $80 million dollar a year soup business we NEVER used stock photos for advertising. I believe 100% that the customer wants to be served what they see in the picture. Do you buy shoes from a pic to open the box and have your new Nike’s actually turn into flip-flops? What about your red car that is blue when you get it home? NO NO NO! I understand cost is a factor but spend a little on a pro for pics and sell your own product! :!:

You do need to read the licencing rules when you buy stock photos to see if they can be used for your intended purpose…You also need to be aware of the size of the image you are buying and make sure it is large enough for your needs…

As far as stock versus custom photos, you need to decide if custom gives you enough of a return on your investment…Production quality images do not come cheap…Also, unless you bring it to the attention of your customers, most could not tell the difference if you pick the appropriate images…

I have printed 1,000s of orders for magnets, postcards, stickers, menus, etc. over the years and many of my clients have been quite successful using stock images…I do not think it is a problem using stock photos…

When was in the big corporate rat race 30 years ago, I always used some movie star’s photo on my resume. I also used stock photos of other people for my wedding photo album.

Cough, cough…

I knew I wasn’t at your wedding! :shock:

You forgot to use the green sarcasm font :twisted: