Pizza in Cone

Dear Tom,

I am interested on pizza in cone concept and I want to have some help to know your advise

Do you think it is a good concept and if we go for franchising do you think it would be nice and good concept.

I am in negutiating on master franchising and that’s why I need some help from expert.

Your early reply is highly appreciated

Best regards

The concept has been successfully commercialized out in California and they appear to be doing quite well with it and looking to expand their operation so I’d say that it is something to look into as a concept.
The overall concept though is quite involved and presents more than a few challanges. I will be glad to discuss these in detail with you if you wish. Please call me at 800-633-5137 (ext. 165) and I will be glad to discuss these with you.
Tom Lehmann/The Douigh Doctor