Pizza in LA

lots of great new places popping up all over Los Angeles, it’s like when Starbucks invaded LA, all over the city there are pizza joints opening up, with all styles from NY/Chicago to vegan… :mrgreen: anyway so we are gonna put them all in the same room and have a huge pizza competition at the and give all the proceeds to children’s charities.

I was thinking it would be cool to spice it up with a dough tossing competition, any other ideas to add to the fun?

thanks in advance 8) 8)

Maybe see if any of the US PIZZA Team could attend and show off their skills? Contact PMQ to see if they can help set something up with them. It is for the kids…so maybe a kids dough tossing contest or pizza eating contest for young age groups.

I like the kids thing! and will definitely contact the team! I already asked PMQ hoping they are on board!

THANK YOU!!! :wink: