pizza in las vegas, chicago?

anyone have a pizzeria in chicago? will be in the area on the 17th
in vegas on 18th-21st of may…
want to come check out the great locals

You know whats funny… We’re closed on Sundays :x

I have heard metro Pizza in Vegas is a very well run shop and is worth looking at…I think they have like 5 locations in town.

well maybe we can grab a slice at the show

If you’re going to be in Chicago, ya gotta go to Pizzeria Uno. They are on Ontario Street, just west of Michigan Avenue.
Some other good places to go to are Edwardo’s, Beggar’s, and Home Run Inn, and Nancy’s. These are all long time Chicago favorites. Keep in mind that any pizza in Chicago is better than no pizza at all!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor (a south sider)

Im in Chicago . Come check us out I always welcome our fellow indys.

absolutely…whats the address tony?