Pizza in movies and songs??

We are building a reference collection of sorts that is all sorts of movies, songs, plays and even poems, I guess, that include, revolve around, mention or who a pizza. I’m thinking that best ones will have pizza prominent, but not a requirement.

An example of a song is “Pizza Pizza” by Joe Dolce, and the theme song of the US Pizza Team. He will license it to people for smaller, individual or commercial use if you ask him :slight_smile:

I am going to do an internet search for lots of them as well, so if you have and favorites that you are will to bang in, let me know. I’ll post a link later our collected items so people can see what we have, and share as they find more.

That’s Amore - Dean Martin

Mystic Pizza is one movie title.

“do the right thing”

i love when mookie, (spike lee), calls it mooozarella

Nick;Ya gotta have “Amore”. “When the moon his your eye like a big pizza pia thats amore”.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Pizza: The Movie
The Pizza Movie
A Tale of Two Pizza’s
Space Balls (Remember Pizza the Hut?)
The Pizza King (currently being filmed)
Drivers Wanted
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (always ording pizza)

TV Shows:
Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Shop (or something like that)

The Pizza Song (by System of a Down)
Pizza When We Die (
There are about five or six pre-school pizza songs here ( … /songs.htm)
and…you’re gonna love this…a who CD dedicated to songs for pizza lovers: Lou Monte - Sings Songs For Pizza Lovers/Sings For You (

A couple weeks ago in my blog I posted the Top Ten Movies with Pizza Scenes. Check it out! … ivery.html

Nick, Lou Monte is definitely a Classic w/ some of his pizza songs.