Pizza Insert Help Needed

you know that ripple board that you put in a box instead a wax paper or a corrugated circle. We currently order through Star Pizza Box, but it is always a pain so looking for an alternative vendor. What sort of pricing do you get delivered to your store?

Anybody have any recommendations?

I started using Perfect Crust 2 years ago. I find them to be more effective than the ripple boards and slightly less expensive.

How much are they Daddio? I’m paying $10.36AUD for 100 12" inserts. Is there a big difference in pizza quality with them?

I’m curious as well. Have you noticed THAT much of an improvement with these? What is the cost??

i contacted perfect crust over a week ago about pricing and never heard back so I re-ordered from Star with pricing for each case of 250pcs = 14" $24.52, 12" $19.03, 10" $14.57 plus freight approx $235

Im guessing its an american company…is shipping resonable to canada? Im in canada as well…

I had them ship a years supply direct but they do have distribution through Saputo.

i just asked for samples. Not sure if they will work cuz we use pizza bags for delivery…but well see when they get here.

I will have to quiz up my Saputo rep about that and see what they can do. I contacted for samples …I hope they work good for my style of pizza!