Pizza institute ?

Hey all,

I saw the add in PMQ for the Pizza Institute in orlando. i have done some research as the idea seems very appealing. but, have not found much in the way of it. Was just wondering everyones thoughts on this "pizza college’. Also am trying to find out any info in the way of classes, prices etc. Thanks for any help

Jeremy K.

We are in the beginning stages of developing the Pizza Institute but currently the American Institute of Baing does a Practical Pizza Production seminar, whcih just took place last week. I attended the workshop and it was fantastic. Contact Tom Lehmann at to learn when the next workshop will take place.

If you go to that seminar at AIB in Manhattan, KS., don’t forget to swing by my shop to pick up a pizza. I promise I won’t charge you much more than full price. :wink: -J_r0kk

How about two 14" for the price of three? Don’t forget to add the gratuity directly to the check as well!

Work for a Real Pizza Place !

The Best !
Using A Convayer Belt Oven is A non Professional Cop Out !
Do the Real Thing !

I don’t agree with you that using a conveyor oven is a non-professional cop out! I think great pizza can be made in many, many different ways, and still be professionally done as well. I think going the authentic route is very admirable, but that does not mean it is automatically professional. If you make the best pizza you can with the equipment you have and treat your customers, employees, suppliers, and your business interests well then you are a “professional!” Knocking others is for sure not “professional!”

David McGuire