" Pizza Insurance" Reviews

I am looking for a new insurance company anyone have an opinion one the company Pizza Insurance?


That is not an insurance company. It is an insurance broker trying to build a niche. Not saying that is a bad thing. In fact, it could be a very good thing. At last there is someone involved that understands what we do! The only mention of an actual insurance company I found the site was for Inland Marine in the Auto area. Since getting delivery coverage is easily the most difficult part of the puzzle for us a broker and underwriter that are willing to do both hired and non-owned as well as owned auto is a hard thing to find.

There is very little info on the site. Where I would expect to be able to click through the “buttons” for more information on each type of coverage there is nothing… just a list of the kinds of insurance presumably offered. My guess is that they are a multi-line broker with several markets to choose from but it would be nice to know more.

If I were shopping I would certainly call for a quote. With that said, I had a real headache going with an insurance package with an out of town broker and not being able to reach anyone over a three day perdiod (included a weekend) that I do not think I would have had with a locally written policy. I would suggest you find a good local commercial underwiter that will do the legwork to find you coverage.

Jason stopped returning my calls when we were shopping. No idea why.

We had the exact same thing happen to us 1 week from our insurance expiring. We sent all the requested info and then we heard nothing and our e-mails to them went unanswered. We were quoting Worker’s Comp, Hired/Non-Owned, and our Property Ins. Luckily for us, we were also getting quotes from current provider and we just ended up renewing with them. Didn’t know what happened since up to that point we had daily communication back and forth.