Pizza kiosk or pushcart

hi everybody, im new here

is it possible to sell pizza at kiosk or pushcart? i’ve been thinking of creating new concept of selling pizza, since all we have are pizza restaurants. would like to make pizza as fast food where people can have pizza on the go.

but some stuff bothering me. is it do-able? how many working space do i need to prepare pizza? will customers willing to wait 5-15min for their pizza to be ready? because at restaurants, they will deliver drinks and appetizers while waiting for the pizza.

im planning to sell pan pizza because people here are familiar with pan pizza. im in kuala lumpur, malaysia.

Here (in the states) or at least in TN, you need a comissary for all you prep. Also the health dept will not allow you to sell slices unless they are cut and put in slice boxes at the comisary. UNLESS, you have a covered cart, something with a window.

In Malaysia, you may be able to do whatever you want.

We have this little franchise, by little I mean the footprint of the area required… Place is called Hot Stuff Foods.
Here’s their link: PMQ also did an article on them awhile back:

Another article PMQ did was on mobile concessions:[/url] Pizza Pauls is the one that caught my attention (since he’s on the other side of town, and retired from my favorite distributor): [url=] (If you read browse thru his website, he’ll explain how he packed the whole kitchen into a small spot).

Sorry this reply is a year late, I just joined here today…

Best of luck on your venture there.

How long will pizza be good as leftovers? It is refirgerated. How long does it take before it goes bad or is inedible? How long do you generally leave your pizza in the fridge before you eat it? Whats the longest that you have waited?

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They do that here in London but the reason it works so well is that they make the Pizza back at base and then push the cart out and sell until it is all gone.

I think it would be crazy to have a line of people waiting for 15 mins beside a small cart.

Another great thing about pre-making is that you can sell it by the slice and make a lot more money.

Hope that help,


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