Pizza LIVE! --- Chat session SPECIAL DAY AND TIME!

With the Pizza Expo coming up this week, we are holding a special session of Pizza LIVE! on Sunday evening. Start time of 9:00 PM EST. Please use the link below to join us.

I’m going to try something new this week. If you want a reminder PHONE call. Send me an email to with your name and phone number. I’m going to use one of those dial out systems to send out a reminder phone call with a recording 30 minutes prior to the show.


hey scott you sent me an email about that pizza night at an apartment complex, well i came up with my own flyer and went and talked to one of the apartment complexes around here and its a go for us. I will be doing it the 1st monday on each month. as of now there are 365 units that are occupied and a lot more that are not in that one complex. the lady i talked to is in charge of a couple other complexs also. So if all goes well we will continue to do it there and expand to her others. thanks for your help and the information

I’ll be online here in a few minutes if anyone wants to get together for a Pizza Expo wrap up chat session. Just use the link above.

Chat tonight !!!

Tonight, May 5th starting around 9:30pm EST on Scott’s site.

Hope to see you there !